What is your Truth?
The One Reality (a non duality view)

I AM the Intelligence from which the universe emanates and in which it inheres, like a reflection in a mirror. The ignorant believe I AM beyond their reach, but the wise experience Me as the True Self within themselves. They glimpse Me when their minds become as still and clear as an ocean without waves.

All the Gods and Goddesses of all directions and their energies, indeed every entity on all planes of existence, are manifestations of Me. My Power is too vast to be imagined. Yet beings do not know Me because their minds are shrouded in ignorance. That too is My Power.

The Supreme Wisdom is that which ends the delusion that anyone or anything exists apart from Me. The fruit of this realization is fearlessness and the end of sorrow. When one realizes that all the limitless universes are a fraction of an atom in the Unity of My Being, that all the numberless lives in the universes are a wisp of vapor in one of My Breaths, that all the triumphs, comedies, and tragedies, the good and evil of all worlds, are merely My Unconsidered Spontaneous Play, then life and death standstill, and the drama of individual life evaporates like a shallow pond on a warm day.

There is no remedy for your ignorance other than to worship Me as your innermost Self. Surrender yourself to Me with joyful, One-pointed devotion, and I will help you discover your True Being. Know that every apparent difference between US is merely a thought, easy to dispel. Abide in Consciousness as continuously and effortlessly as the ignorant abide in their bodies. You Abide in Me now, as I abide in you and all. You are experiencing Me now, recognize Me! The very experience of recognition is Me as well. For I AM recognizing MySelf In All. When I experience MySelf as everyone and everything that is Love, when I remember that I Am no-thing, that is Wisdom and between the two life flows.

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